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Nothing persuades consumers like video. 

According to Syndacast, 74 percent of all Internet traffic in 2017 will be video. Studies show that using the word “Video” in the subject line of an email can increase open rates by 19 percent, click-through rates by 65 percent and reduce un-subscribers by 26 percent. According to Twitter, videos and photos get the most retweets.

In the words of Forbes, video is the future of content marketing.

At Largo, we pride ourselves on understanding creating dynamic video marketing content that can help boost SEO, drive traffic and engagement and raise awareness of your products and business.

We’ve made dynamic and cinematic corporate films for brands and agencies alike. We’ve put together a wide range of corporate films full of interviews, product demonstrations and behind-the-scenes explanations of companies and products. And we’ve made a range of short, snappy content that is perfect for use on social media.

Why Work With Largo?

Because we’re experienced filmmakers who understand the power of storytelling in video marketing.

If you check out our portfolio, you’ll see that our work for brands such as Kia and Dettol demonstrates a keen understanding of what it takes to make compelling video content.

As experienced video marketers, we understand the value of creating engaging video content which speaks directly to audiences online.

Most importantly, we take a client-led approach to creativity, bringing a true sense of collaboration so that we understand the tone and intentions of your project and campaign. 

Recent Business Videos 

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